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Press releases are a written document that aims to announce something newsworthy to the media, aiming to generate coverage about a topical story plus build awareness of the company. If you want to share a press release, we have a guide and template to help you write one that will grab the attention of journalists.

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Your toolkit topic has 13 pages including:

  • Different types of press releases
  • Why press releases help you to share your stories
  • Information to include in your press release
  • A recommended press release template
  • It will enhance you to feel empowered to create a press release that reflects you and your brand
  • Sections to make notes and plans
  • A checklist to help you track your progress for tasks
  • A 3-page glossary to help you understand common PR, media and marketing phrases

… and more!

How this toolkit topic will make a difference:

  • You will understand what to include in your press release and how to write it
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