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What is it?

Join a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs to network, connect and learn how to build a marketing, PR and communications campaign using toolkits and know-how with Louise.

The sessions aim to teach you how to communicate effectively to:

  • reach your ideal customer.
  • increase brand awareness.
  • Generate leads and sales using media and marketing tools.

Who is this for?

  • The savvy solopreneur and small business owner who only has one pair of hands and is looking to stand out in the crowd.
  • The side hustler – you juggle a paid day job and have a strong desire to be your own boss so you’re looking for some inspiration and communications direction.
  • You are an industry leader & expert and want to tell everyone about your expertise and build credibility.

What you will receive

  • The purpose of this workshop is not to teach you what you already know and use, but for us to step back and take a slightly different look at it… “
  • 4 hours with Louise
  • Choose from 14 toolkits and download one complimentary PR and marketing guide. Complete the interactive different tasks, templates, tip sheets checklists and make notes to learn and try in one go.
  • Create a campaign using different media, marketing and communication tools and techniques.
  • Meet a like-minded business community in a social and informal space to network and share business information.
  • Receive a complimentary planner for the session.
  • Understand the tips and tricks to create engaging and impactful media and communications content.
  • Understand how to connect with your chosen customer and audience.
  • Understand how PR and marketing will be useful for sales opportunities.
  • Generate publicity to spread a positive message about your services or products.
  • Build a positive reputation in the digital world too to enhance your brand image.

When the session is complete

  • Receive a certificate and logo to celebrate that you are a part of the social club.
  • Book a complimentary follow-up 30-minute session for a Q&A with Louise
  • Connect on social media and join a special online community.
  • Receive the Soundbite Media newsletter.

Once you register your interest, you will receive a form that you can complete. The form includes information about you and your business, to help me understand what you want to achieve.


What people say about Louise’s sessions

The marketing and PR information shared in this webinar was clear and very helpful to the small business owner. Marketing is a huge subject, but Louise condensed the important bits for everyone very well! Thank you.

I wholeheartedly recommend Louise to any business seeking to elevate its PR game and achieve meaningful visibility. Louise is not just an expert she is your brand’s best ally.

Louise kept us on task, led engaging discussions, which enabled everyone to contribute equally, and set out a clear structure for the day, while always keeping the atmosphere relaxed.” By the end of the day, we were able to take away a fantastic media strategy, which we are currently applying. Thank you so much Louise!

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