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A well-crafted and focused email newsletter can help you to stay connected to your audience, deliver news and updates. Getting started has never been easier, starting with how it looks. the length of the newsletter and who is going to read and the newsletter. This guide is here and ready to help you explore this topic more.

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Your toolkit topic has 11 pages including:

  • How and why email newsletters can help you to promote what you do
  • How to get started
  • Ideas for the frequency of email newsletters
  • How to target your audience to read and engage with your content
  • Sections to make notes and plans
  • A checklist to help you track your progress for tasks
  • A 3-page glossary to help you understand common PR, media and marketing phrases

… and more!

How this toolkit topic will make a difference:

  • Take a look at ideas for newsletter software to help you create your own email newsletter
  • It will enhance you to feel empowered to create an email newsletter that reflects you and your brand

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