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Nowadays celebrities such as Joe Wicks, Ferne Cotton, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama are sharing their inner perspectives and interviewing guests on their podcasts. Listen to a podcast wherever you are in the world and at any day or time. Let’s help you to plan, record and market your podcast with this guide.

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Your toolkit topic has 12 pages including:

  • Questions to ask yourself before recording a podcast
  • Promoting and marketing the podcast
  • Tips for how it could sound, recording content and who to interview A
  • A podcast planner template to organise the content you will record
  • Learn why it’s vital to plan a podcast to engage with your listener and share key information that you need to share as a solopreneur, freelancer or business leader
  • A 3-page glossary to help you understand common PR, media and marketing phrases

… and more!

How this toolkit topic will make a difference:

  • You will understand why podcasts are popular right now as useful communication tools
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