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Campaigns allow you to plan in advance, so you know what you want to promote and when, while using a range of elements that share your brand authentically. This section is perfect for when you want to launch a new product or service or remind customers about what you sell. Get creative and enjoy advertising your services or products.

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Your toolkit topic has 12 pages including:

  • The importance of a campaign and why it can deliver effective results
  • How to plan and deliver a campaign
  • The action plan and strategy that you need to consider
  • A campaign planner and template
  • Sections to make notes and plans
  • A checklist of ideas and resources
  • A 3-page glossary to help you understand common PR, media and marketing phrases

… and more!

How this toolkit topic will make a difference:

  • You will understand why campaigns as planned sequences of activities can help you to be visible and increase sales
  • Understand that aims, objectives, goals and budgets can lead to successful results

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