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Hello and welcome to your section to learn about building your brand image for your business and services

Once you’ve created your brand and business. You will need to get out there and promote what you do and how you can help your customers. This handy and practical guide gives you a helpful nudge in the right direction with ideas to build customer loyalty and get some publicity. You’ll wonder what you did without it!

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Your toolkit topic has 11 pages including:

  • The importance of a brand
  • 4 ideas to start building your brand with insights and tips to try
  • The use of promotional merchandise
  • Ideas to build loyalty with your customers
  • Sections to make notes and plans
  • A checklist of ideas and resources
  • A 3-page glossary to help you understand common PR, media and marketing phrases

… and more!

How this toolkit topic will make a difference:

  • You will understand what you need to do to build a strong, consistent, and recognisable brand
  • Try the range of activities to help you become visible so customers can engage with you quickly

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