The power of video to tell stories

We have been in love with moving pictures since 1889 when the first experimental Kinetoscope motion film was made. The movies, films, pictures, the flicks. Video is and always will be an engaging way to capture the attention of the public.

But videos are no longer destined to be something on the big screen that we passively sit and watch, with no control.

The widespread use of smart mobile phones has revolutionized how we make and consume videos. Gone are the days when you need lots of bulky, heavy, and expensive equipment plus a team of people to make a video.

Snapchat, Youtube, TikTok, IGTV Video, and more now allow us to see behind the scenes and interact with the video maker one on one. We now have the power to tell our story in pictures and the tool sits in the palm of your hand. Literally. And we have phone makers like Apple and Samsung to thank.

So, why do we still love watching videos so much? What do they tell us that words can’t?

Whether you’re making a video for your business or a fun reel, here are my tips and ideas to create a fantastic and fun video:

  1. Your content will need to be planned (at least loosely). It may sound boring but planning your video is helpful because you know what you want to achieve. Planning helps to manage expectations about the final result, so you end up creating something that you’re happy with. Think about where you’re filming the video, does it represent you in the best way; is the scenery behind you suitable? Are you filming with enough light?
  2. Get creative and have fun. Being original and artistic doesn’t have to cost you money. Think of the best visual ways to tell your story: props, clothes, locations, and more. Perhaps call in a favour from a pal who is a fashion designer and wear their clothes to promote them while also enhancing your personal style. Film at a venue that wants exposure so they get a copy of the video).
  3. Use social media to share your video – once you’ve created the video, be prepared to share it on social media. No one can engage with you and the video if you don’t tell people to watch it. Be prepared for feedback or feel free to stimulate discussions when you share it to achieve interaction.

Want to know more?

Louise is a media, marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years experience working in TV, Radio, print and online media for BBC and Commercial brands, businesses, and services.

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