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4 Ways To Improve Your Business Media Communications

As a PR Media Communications Specialist I was invited to write an article for UKStart Up – a website that inspires new business owners and entrepreneurs.

I also wanted to share the information with you too because I think it will genuinely help.

Firstly, lets look at your scenario: you want to promote your business products and services. It’s tempting to start creating something new but whoa there – let’s have a think: you have done fantastic work -something to be proud of!

You need to spread a positive message about your successes!

You want to communicate these messages to your audience and clients to improve your brand profile!

Let’s think of ways we can plan our media communications content for the coming year and beyond by doing an MOT or health check:

  • Think of the platform and media – press, TV or radio

Think of the medium you’re addressing. Each medium has its unique way of communicating with the audience. It is important to think about your platform and how to use it in the best way. For example, TV engages us with great visual pictures and sound. Radio is an aural medium that relies on sound and the pictures it conjures up in our creative minds. Online media and Newspaper – are based on the written mode of communication.


  • Is the required recipient for your message a customer or another business?

Communicating to customers or businesses requires a different approach. B2B (business to business) communication requires more logical explanations to perhaps key stakeholders so be prepared to share detailed knowledge to gain a return on investment. Whereas B2C (business to customer) communication often relies on emotional communication to make the customer feel good and create a certain mood or experience.


  • If yes what is the gender, age or interests of your ideal customer?

Understanding your customer allows you to tailor your comments and communication effectively to spur the reader in to action because you are telling them what they need to know.

Louise is a media, marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years experience working in TV, Radio, print and online media for BBC and Commercial brands, businesses, and services.

Connect with Louise on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/louise-chandlermediapr


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