3 ideas you need for your marketing campaign

Marketing activities doesn’t need to be complicated.

Let’s start from the beginning – you’re trying to advertise key messages to achieve specific goals, such as building brand awareness, providing information to customers, or launching a new product.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start so here are three things to help you get started…

  • Objective – what are you trying to achieve? Objectives are measurable goals that outline what the end results should be and you can strategize to ensure you achieve it. For example, you want to increase brand awareness you could decide to target a new audience. For this objective, success can be measured in the number of impressions on your social media, by comparing audience brand awareness before and after the campaign. You could even come up with a statement such as increasing social media impressions with a target audience by 30% in 4 months.
  • Audience – who are you talking to? What do you know about your perfect client or customer? Age, gender, occupation, education and income are key indicators to learn more about your target market – what they like and dislike. Watch and listen, even create focus groups and surveys to help you understand more. How can you use this information to talk directly to them and give information that is useful and engaging.
  • Content & channels – what will you share and where will you share it? It’s important to spend time planning and considering your content so you know what you want to say. Then, you can decide where you want to say it. Perhaps you want to launch your presence on new platforms or post more content to existing channels to stimulate conversations. Always remember to keep it simple, concise and visually appealing so you can catch the attention of your customer.

Nailing these 3 ideas means you can plan your marketing with clarity, purpose and proactivity.

Louise is a media, marketing and communications specialist with over 20 years experience working in TV, Radio, print and online media for BBC and Commercial brands, businesses, and services.

Connect with Louise on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/louise-chandlermediapr


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