Your COVID-19 communications checklist

Lady wears a face mask and holds her mobile phone to her face

The life we live nowadays means things change frequently due to national lockdown restrictions and new rules. For example, when a new tier is announced for your area – what do you tell your customers and audience?

From customer complaints, entice and sell, kindness matters and more – here is a quick checklist for what you need to consider when it comes to communicating in covid times:

Are you being served?

What are your business open hours or when are you active to respond to queries? Have you shared this across all your communications:

  • Website – a pop box in a prominent place is a good idea to stand out
  • Social media – pin a message to the top of your feed (where possible)
  • Email signature
  • Phone voicemail message
  • Update your google marketplace listing

Basically, make it easy for your audience to interact with you and purchase your service or products.

What are you selling and how is it available?

During lockdown life, are there any differences in the way your service and products will be delivered? No – ok then, but you can still remind customers about what to expect when they buy from you. Yes – ok, what do you need to tell your potential customer?

  • If your shop is still open – what are safety considerations that people need to know that will reassure them that their visit is covid compliant and safe
  • Is it online delivery only? What are the expectations for prices and delivery expectations?
  • Click and collect – what is the process to receive the order?
  • Virtual event – what is the event, when, and how can people access it? Will a replay be available after the event?
  • App – how to download it and what are the perks?
  • Instant chat options and phone call service – how can people get hold of you in case something is not right.

Entice and sell:

Have you got special offers and promotions? Don’t be shy. Tell people about it in a bright, bold, and fun way. Make the offer easily redeemable and clearly explain any terms, conditions, and exclusions.

Kindness matters:

How are you helping your community? CSR (corporate social responsibility) is important to show your business has a conscience and is keen to help others. This conveys a positive and helpful nature and also makes the company looks like it’s not just about money but also helping the greater good.

Two examples come to mind: BrewDog co-founder offers bars for coronavirus vaccine roll-out and Sheffield taxi firm makes donation to Laptops for Kids campaign.  Are you telling people about the ways you’re helping your community?

Good deeds go a long way nowadays and show your business is sympathetic and empathetic to the situation right now.

Frequent updates:

Nowadays when you want to know something about a business you go to social media profiles for the latest updates to see if the business or brand has been active. So don’t forget to reach out and post some new content that is relevant and engaging as a way of saying hi.

If a person goes to your social media and sees old content, it may raise doubt in their minds that you’re a fully functioning business.

Customer complaints:

Sadly, we don’t always get things perfectly right and sometimes customers want to complain (hopefully not too often). Have you got a  clear complaints process that you and your team know about?

Do you know what you want to say, how to treat your customers, and what recompense you will offer for any inconvenience?

Complaints are inevitable but it doesn’t have to be negative. If a complaint is handled with professionalism and courtesy, the customer might still walk away with positive words to say about your business and the whole experience.

What do you think?

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