Once upon a time… the power of storytelling

Typewriter text with the words stories matter

Who doesn’t love a story? We love hearing them, and our brains are built to remember them (rather than lists of facts and figures).

Since we were kids, we listened to fairy tales, nursery rhymes and fables where good triumphed over evil and there was a happy ending.

Telling a story is where we have the most fun and nowadays we have plenty of options to share a funny and compelling anecdote.  But we mustn’t underestimate the power of storytelling:

  • Stories can engage us and become memorable communication tools
  • A story is the best way to make someone feel a particular emotion.
  • A story is by far the most powerful means of communicating a message. We are hardwired to decode the messages that are contained within them.

Tv adverts, billboards and animated stories stay with us and even impact our behaviors such as increasing sales. Here are two ways to tell your business story to share with the public using editorial and podcasts. The purpose? To promote and celebrate you and what you do best!


Editorial features are written articles that appear in magazines, newspapers and online.


  • Editorial articles give you the chance to tell your story in detail. Give the reader the chance to know you, your origins in the business world, and your ambitions.
  • You can build a reputation for being an expert, influencer or industry insider when you explain more about your expertise.
  • Editorial stories humanize your story with the use of images and photographs. You are no longer a mysterious name because the reader can understand more about you.

Here is an example of an editorial that inadvertently promotes a range of maternity clothing for women. In this article, you learn more about the founder and her journey to success to build a business that is worth millions of pounds: click here.


A podcast is an audio platform that relies on sound and it provides a valuable chance for a detailed discussion or summary of a topic. Podcasts can be accessed via a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to listen to ‘live’ or a download.

Perks of a podcast

  • Humanize your brand story and information: record yourself talking about your business, event, or product. Hearing a passionate voice who has a lively presenting style is ideal to wax lyrical on a topic of choice.
  • Podcasts provide a valuable chance for a detailed discussion and storytelling in spoken world form. You have the luxury of getting different contributors and guest speakers to offer their opinions. The most successful podcasts connect to the listener by giving relatable and topical content that you wouldn’t normally get elsewhere.

Have a listen to this: it’s called ‘Table Manners’ and the podcast features different celebrities who share their stories and perspectives on life while preparing and eating food.

So I encourage you to start storytelling! Once upon a time…

Let’s see your favourite stories for TV adverts. Share them with me via:

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