Two ideas for pitching stories to the media

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You have a story or a great piece of information that you want to shout about so you decide to pitch your story to the media.

Your aim is to gain exposure and build a media profile for yourself in order to promote what you do best!

Let’s discuss how to pitch a story to the media to gain exposure and coverage.

As a media PR & communications specialist here are two ideas that could get your story included on TV, Radio, or in newspapers:

1) Ask yourself: What makes my story unique and interesting?

Why would someone be interested to know about the topic? Is it because it is a record-breaking attempt? Is it the first time something is taking place?

Have you discovered something new? This is the first thing you tell the media to give them a taste of what you have to offer and hook them in.

2) Think of the platform you’re addressing for your pitch. Each medium has its unique way of communicating with the audience. When you pitch a story, think about the information you can provide to these media platforms.

  •  TV engages us with great visual pictures and sounds so try to describe the pictures that the cameraman can film
  • Radio is an aural medium that relies on sound and the pictures it conjures up in our creative minds. Who is the best spokesperson to give an articulate and engaging interview?
  • Online & Newspaper platforms – are based on the written mode of communication so get ready to present some great copy

Email is the preferred way to communicate to journalists so here’s a quick list of tips

  • Get straight to the point
  • Keep the pitch simple – explain it in a compelling way that is easy to follow
  • Say if anyone is available to give an interview or comment and include the full name and the correct job title
  • Include your contact details in case the journalist wants to get in touch


Question: Think of an idea you will pitch and the way you will describe it to a journalist.

Louise is a media and communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience of working in TV, Radio, print and online media for BBC and Commercial brands, businesses and services.

Working with names such as HSBC, Superdrug, LloydsPharmacy and Prince’s Trust to name a few, Louise creates and delivers pro-active and creative media content to share key messages and generate engaging and creative campaigns.


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