To buy or not to buy followers – that is the question?


Should I buy followers for my social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?


This is a question I was asked while attending a networking event to talk about the hottest topics with PR and marketing.


So what does this mean for you as a professional or business owner?

Remember: social media exists to share information about you and what you do. In other words social media is a tool to promote and sell your expertise, products, services and your brand.

All social media requires fans and followers to read your messages, share your content and interact with it.

Without fans and followers your social media account will be stagnant, lack vitality and any excitement but here is the main question: how do you find and keep these fans and followers?


In recent years companies and agencies have started to offer us the chance to pay for fans and followers to boost our social media channels.


Take a look at some accounts and you will marvel at their 5,000 Instagram followers of 21,000 fans and a bit of envy kicks in – you want lots and lots of people to follow your social media profiles too.

You maybe tempted to purchase fans and followers from agencies who claim it is the right thing to do but I would suggest you give it some serious thought and even say no.

Let me explain with this scenario:

If you run a bakery and have a Twitter page that needs more people to like and see your messages – you want your ideal customer to interact with you on the platform.

Your ideal customer could be a female, who is 29 years old, loves baking and lives near to your bakery.

If you choose to buy followers you may not receive your ideal customer – instead you may be given followers from a list who live far away and have no interest in your delicious cakes.

What’s the point in marketing your business to followers who have no interest in you and what you sell?

It is a waste of time because the engagement will be meaningless and the message you share will have no impact, then you will wonder why no one is paying attention to your messages.

My advice: grow your social media in organic ways.

Use your social media platforms to ask questions to gain responses and interaction. Make the questions thought provoking, topical or fun or stimulating. Your friends, fans and followers will want to add their opinion too and get involved in the conversation.

Have something to say, consistently. Think of messages and content that is helpful and engaging to get discussions going with personality and a touch of humour.

Share your thoughts around this topic and let me know what you think….

Louise Chandler is a Media PR communications Specialist with over 18 years experience in the industry.

As a media practitioner Louise works with clients to clarify their key messages and put together engaging and creative media campaigns.

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