The Press kit: what is it and what does it do?



Have you ever seen a great press pack or kit? If you’re not familiar with them, allow us to share some ideas on why they can be a very useful tool to communicate to the media.


What is a press kit?

Press kits are designed to share all the information you want the media to know about your newly launched product, service or event.

The kit is then shared with members of the press who will use the information to talk about you and what you do.


How is the press kit used?

Press kits are commonly used for:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • News conferences
  • Large events / Industry trade shows

You share it with the press to give them all the information they need to talk about your event, project or business via TV, radio, online or via print media.

When you want to approach new business partners, collaborators, stockists or clients – the press kit can be an impressive document to sell your business in a competitive market. Hence making you stand out in the crowd from others and it can be used via your website.


What content should you include in your press pack?

This all depends on what you do…. If you are hosting an event, tell the reader who is expected to attend, the location(s), dates and entry fees.

If you are launching a new product or service- tell the reader what you are offering and where they can find out more.

There are also some other ideas too (in general terms):


  • Your logo – make sure people know who you are!
  • You contact details – so people can contact you to ask questions if they need clarification
  • Pictures – of you, your team, your products or business
  • A Press release – for you to set the news agenda and tell the reader what is going on
  • A Fact sheet will give statistical, factual information to make your story newsworthy


Digital versus paper – which version is best?

Traditionally the press kit was created to be printed out and placed in a folder to be read by the journalist or reporter.

Technology has evolved and the invention of emails, digital files and documents now means the press kit has been given a face lift, making it acceptable for a digital version to be created, ready to be shared with the press team.


If you wish to create a digital version, ensure it has lots of links to your website, Youtube videos, music clips and high resolution images as examples.


Our advice at Soundbite Media is to find out from the recipient which version they prefer.


Once the press kit is complete, start sharing it with your associates, colleagues and customers. You can update it and amend it to communicate the information you need – perhaps on a seasonal basis.


We can help you create a press kit. Contact us via to find out more.