The ingredients of a pitch perfect podcast.


What are we doing with our spare time now that the traditional commute, 9 to 5 working days are a fluid concept? Zoom video calls, streaming Netflix, and Disney subscriptions are now the norm and I reckon listening to podcasts is a common activity too.

As we’re told to stay at home due to lockdown restrictions, an upside is that we’re listening to more radio and podcasts rather than music apps, figures suggest.

That’s the beauty of the spoken medium – it’s informative, funny, insightful, and entertaining.

Here are some of the main players where you can download and listen to podcasts for free:

Based on 15 plus years of working in radio and making podcasts I think all successful and engaging podcasts have something in common – they combine these elements:


Podcasts provide a valuable chance for a detailed discussion or summary of a topic. You have the luxury of getting different contributors and guest speakers to offer their opinions. The most successful podcasts relate to the listener by giving relatable and topical content that you wouldn`t normally get elsewhere. If it is a summary round-up, for instance, BBC Radio 4 will have the highlights of Woman’s Hour that you can grab and listen to whenever you like.

A tip if you’re making a podcast: Make sure that your content is legally compliant and doesn’t commit any media hiccups like libel.


Engaging personalities

Podcasts are about being entertained so you need a fun and lively voice to keep your listener happy. Someone who is passionate, speaks with conviction, has personality is ideal to wax lyrical on a topic of choice.
No one wants to hear a dull voice that umms and ahhs and sounds unsure about their topic.

I really enjoy the Table Manners podcast with Jessie Ware and her mum Lennie to meet different people (celebrities) to talk about food, family, music, culture, and politics. I genuinely smile and laugh when I hear it because the voices are animated and funny.

A tip if you’re making a podcast: do a pre-interview with your guest to get a gist of what they have to say and how they will communicate their thoughts. This will help you to understand their style as a contributor. Podcasts are an edited piece of content so it’s ideal to edit out anything that is vague or loses momentum.


High-quality sound

Podcasts reply on the listener hearing sound. If the speech is hissy and distorted, it will make people turn the podcast off if they can’t hear you and it’s a shame. Take the time to record good quality content so it can be heard and enjoyed.

A tip if you’re making a podcast: do a soundcheck and practice to configure your settings. A lot of people will create a makeshift booth with soundproofing. This can include a duvet and cardboard to cushion the sound.


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