Press releases – why bother?

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Press releases – are they worthwhile?

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves that a press release is a written piece of communication directed at members of the media to announce something newsworthy.


Press releases offer the chance for you to promote something special and they will give the journalists and the press a taster to get in touch to find out more information from you in person.


You want your press releases to be a conversation starter to make the journalist pick up the phone and call you for an interview and extra exposure.


Even though we live in a digital era, at Soundbite Media we believe that press releases are still a worthy communication tool.


So why bother writing a press release?


Here are four ideas to inspire you:


Idea one:

It tells the media information you need them to know about your business, service or product. Imagine that you have a fantastic piece of news you want people to know? A press release allows you to share this information.



Idea two:

It promotes information in an official manner – when it comes to announcing factual information, you want it to come from an official spokesperson and informer who can give the definitive comment. If you’re sharing information about a topic that may be in the public domain already, the press release allows you to share your perspective. You can create your own news agenda and bring information to the forefront of the media’s mind.


Idea three:

It is a professional way to enhance your public profile and image – press releases allow you to get your name out there and position you as a leader and influencer.


Idea four:

Press releases allow you to build relationships with the media. When you contact the news desk at a newspaper or TV station – the team are very busy so make their job easy and give them all the information. You want to be seen as helpful and  informative.


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