5 Ways to Create a Powerful PR Plan

The purpose of a media campaign is to promote you and your work.  There are many media tools you can use to communicate your message:  social media, newspapers, e-newsletters, radio, podcasts and more.

With so many options – where do you start and how do you use the media tools to ensure you receive positive results?

As a PR Media Communications Specialist, I have some tips to help you enhance your reputation.

Creating a media campaign to promote your work is easier than you think so here are 5 key areas to help you create a powerful PR plan:


One: What is your aim & objective?

  • Do you want to get more followers and likes on your social media pages?
  • Do you want to be known as a household name in your profession and industry?
  • Do you want to engage with your clients and customers to open up communication channels and platforms?


Two: What is your key message?

  • What do you want to say and what is the simplest way to say it?
  • What nugget of knowledge do you want your audience to know?
  • For example your business has a new chosen charity and you are planning fundraising activities


Three: Who is your target audience?

  • How much do you know about the person who will see or hear your message?
  • What are the lifestyle choices, interests and buying habits of your target audience? What call to action can you give, so they engage with your key messages?
  • Do you address the target audience with suitable language?


Four: What media communication platforms do you use or would like to use?

  • What media coverage have you tried before – perhaps newspaper advertising or leaflet drops?
  • What media platforms would you like to use and understand more – perhaps do some research or arrange training.
  • What has worked well and how could you improve it?


Five: How will you measure success?

  • Analysing participation and interaction can give you a good insight in to the effectiveness of your campaign – for example do your followers share the social media posts? Keep an eye on the statistical data that will prove the success or challenges with your campaign.
  • Can you advertise your product or service with a special offer and see how many people redeem the deal?
  • Consider using numerical data to analyse the number via social media


If you would like to discuss creative treatments and ideas for your media campaign  – get in touch and we would be happy to explain more. Email Louise@Soundbitemedia.co.uk