Two Ideas for Pitching Stories to the Media

You have a story, a great piece of information that you want to share so you decide to pitch your story to the media.

Your aim is to gain exposure and build a media profile for yourself in order promote what you do best!

Let’s discuss how to pitch a story to the media to gain exposure and coverage.

As a media PR & communications specialist here are two ideas that could get your story included on TV, Radio or in newspapers:

1) Ask yourself: What makes my story unique and interesting?

Why would someone be interested to know about the topic? Is it because a record breaking attempt? Is it the first time something is taking place?

Have you discovered something that is new? This is the first thing you tell the media to give them a taste of what you have to offer and hook them in.


2) Think of the medium you’re addressing. Each medium has its unique way of communicating with the audience.

TV engages us with great visual pictures and sound.

Radio is an aural medium that relies on sound and the pictures it conjures up in our creative minds.

Online & Newspaper platforms – are based on the written mode of communication.

When you pitch a story, think about the information you can provide to these media platforms.


I know that calling a journalist in a newsroom can be a daunting and intimidating task so here are some general tips to give you the courage:

In general:

  • Be keen and enthusiastic
  • Be courteous, polite and friendly
  • Sometimes a good old fashioned phone call will help to build the relationship so you can get to know the journalist and they can get to know you.


I hope this article has been helpful and given you some practical ideas to approach the media in a positive way.

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