What makes a good story for a journalist?

If you have launched a new business, a new service, product or you’re holding an event – you will need to promote it to tell everyone what is going on.


Your current clients and prospective customers will benefit from the information because they learn more about your business which could increase your sales opportunities.


Announcing the new information to the media (magazines, newspaper, radio etc)  is a wonderful way to enhance your reputation and build a profile to be seen as THE best.


Before you send that email, pick up the phone or tweet the journalist – think about what makes a good story?


  • Something that is new – a new business or premises
  • Something that is unique and special – a one off
  • A celebrity, politician or household name is involved
  • A story that is a great photo opportunity and will create a visual spectacle
  • You have led some innovative and thought provoking research to share
  • You can offer a relevant comment on a social or topical issue such as Brexit


Think about stories you can communicate with the media to enhance your reputation and build credibility.


We would be happy to share some ideas with you based on your business or event so get in touch: Louise@Soundbitemedia.co.uk