Client Case Studies

Louise Chandler produces creative and engaging media communications content that tells a story and shares a message.

PR, Communications & Social Media Activities

Education: The Lead Curriculum

The LEAD Curriculum brings schools, other formal educational institutions and employers together to find the next generation of emergent leaders for the 21st century.

LEAD provides a tailor made leadership programme for a classroom setting covering industries - Media, STEM, Recruitment, Health, Drama/Arts, Marketing, Law, IT, Charity, Finance and Banking.

LEAD holds events to explore how to prepare children and young people for leadership roles in life, work and their communities.

Soundbite Media was commissioned to perform media relations and communications tasks. This included writing press releases, pitching stories to media outlets, briefing spokespeople for interviews and securing media coverage with TV and print media. A Press kit was created and stories were shared using social media to create a visible presence and spread awareness of the two events at London City Hall and Harrow School.

Health: The Carl Todd Clinic

Since 2003 the private multidisciplinary healthcare practice The Carl Todd Clinic has provided osteopathy, physiotherapy, sports medicine, pilates and other treatments. Their patients include the England and Chelsea football teams.

In 2014 the business decided it wanted to enhance their social media profile and build media relations to launch a new premises in Swindon.

Louise from Soundbite Media worked with the team during an 8 month campaign to engage with clients via social networks increasing the number of followers by 40%.

The Carl Todd Clinic has enjoyed an increase in patient numbers and customers coming through the door and they have enthusiastically commended Soundbite Media for creating awareness of the business.

A new Carl Todd Clinic was opened in Swindon and a promotional launch event took place with Frank Lampard of Chelsea/Manchester City fame as the celebrity guest.

Louise from Soundbite Media planned the launch event and delivered a media relations strategy to promote the launch gaining BBC Radio coverage, eight online stories and two newspaper articles. Following the launch the new clinic has achieved its target patient numbers.

The promotional activity improved customer engagement by giving the business a professional look and feel and providing more interaction & communication with customers.

An e-newsletter campaign was created to engage with existing and new customers relaying company news and sharing lifestyle tips.

Heritage: The Barbados Heritage Project

‘Our journey so far’ is a special project that launched in July 2016 to commemorate 50 years since the Caribbean island Barbados achieved Independence.
Reading is often hailed as having the biggest community of Barbadians outside of the Caribbean island.






Soundbite Media was commissioned by Bafa Reading (Barbados and Friends Association Reading) to make a documentary called ‘Our Journey So Far’ to reveal a rich history of valuable stories that contribute towards the cultural heritage of the Bajan community.

Louise was the communications and PR leader to promote the project and documentary film.
During the project multiple media coverage was successfully achieved: five pieces of BBC Radio content broadcast, a BBC South Today TV report and three newspaper articles

Business: The Afro Business Expo

The Afro Business Expo is all about initiating business partnerships and investments between African and the UK.

The Afro Business Expo 2014 created an avenue for UK business to access solid opportunities in Africa. Industries included Oil and Gas, Property Development, Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Export and many more.

Louise from Soundbite Media was responsible for the media communications of the event for the first two years.

During a five month campaign, the event was promoted within the Thames Valley / South East area and internationally.

The two day event offered UK investors and businesses a platform to identify and develop business with Africa in a secure environment. There were representatives and support from Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, Local Economic Partnership, PwC and UKTI.

Highlights included

· TV coverage on three stations

· Two BBC radio interviews

· Four editorial articles·

· Six online articles featured on news websites

Health: Cianna's Smile - Sickle Cell Charity

Sickle cell is one of the most common genetic diseases in the world with over 250,000 carriers of Sickle Cell gene in England.

Cianna’s Smile is named after a Reading school girl who has this health condition.

The aim of the charity is to increase awareness about Sickle Cell anaemia and the charity aims to raise money to educate families and patients affected by Sickle Cell Anaemia, in the Thames Valley area.
The charity launched a new campaign called ‘Know your Trait’ and organised its first fundraising charity ball in September 2016.

Louise from Soundbite Media provided PR services to promote the charity and event.

The event raised £2000 to continue worthwhile education about Sickle Cell Anaemia.

The outcome of the campaign was three editorial articles, two online articles and a BBC radio interview

Audio Projects

Retail: Superdrug Live

"Superdrug Live” is a live and interactive radio station that broadcasts to their high street stores to support and enhance all marketing campaigns for both the high street retailer and for leading brands. Superdrug Live is interactive, flexible and reactive to new campaigns.

Winner of ‘In-store Customer Service Initiative of the Year’ at the Retail Week Customer Experience Awards 2015 for Superdrug Live: An Interactive Retail Radio Experience.

The broadcasting service is provided by Immedia Plc and when the station launched in 2012, BBC and commercial radio broadcaster Louise Chandler from Soundbite Media was hand-picked to be the voice of the service.

Louise from Soundbite Media has continued in this role since then broadcasting to more than 700 stores. Alongside music, Louise includes campaign messages and ongoing promotions such as health and beauty cards. The station creates the environment to optimise product sales based on music and mood that is unique to Superdrug.

She also broadcasts specialised training sessions for in-store staff to optimise sales.

The service involves carefully selecting music to:

  • mirror brand demographics
  • support fashion, hair and beauty campaigns.
  • add to the customer experience.

Heritage: Discovering Places - Lea Valley Podcast

Louise was commissioned to create an audio podcast to capture the atmosphere and comments from visitors during the London 2012 games and the heritage activities.

Discovering Places is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad campaign to inspire the UK to discover their local built, historic and natural environment.

Principally funded by the National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery distributor and delivered in partnership between The Heritage Alliance and London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

This podcast aimed to encourage local people and visitors to embark on an adventure around an historic Lea Valley Mill.

History: National Trust - Clandon Park

It was a great honour to work with The National Trust and the Cultural Olympiad to document the New Zealand Olympic team visiting their spiritual home – aka a Hinemihi at Clandon Park in Surrey. Meet Maori people, hear authentic ‘wayetas’ and learn about this fascinating culture.

A podcast was  planned, recorded and edited to capture the activities of the day and the people involved. 

Brands: Immedia

Working with Immedia Louise from Soundbite Media provides the voice of Lloyds Bank Live  and Lloydspharmacy to provide a friendly and conversational voice across the UK.

Using the RadioVision technique Louise broadcasts topical information together with accompanying visuals to enhance the message and engage with customers. The service also provides music to reflect the brand demographic as an engaging voice.

Broadcasting: BBC

Louise from Soundbite Media has worked for various departments in the BBC as a presenter, producer, reporter and podcast maker for radio.

With extensive experience:

  • Conducting and recording interviews
  • Writing cues and scripts
  • Editing and recording audio
  • Reporting, bulletin writing, news reading and recording packages.



  • Creating and recording the UK Black podcast
  • Finding contributors, content, news stories for Afternoon, Mid Morning and Weekend programmes. 
  • Brainstorming creative treatments for a topic
  • Ensuring the content is compliant with BBC editorial values
  • Studio technical skills
  • Digital editing
  • Writing online articles
  • Made documentaries and packages

Visual Projects

Documentary: Our Journey So Far

Soundbite Media was commissioned by Bafa Reading (Barbados and Friends Association Reading) to make a documentary called ‘Our Journey So Far’ to reveal a rich history of valuable stories that contribute towards the cultural heritage of the Bajan community.
During 5 months, the documentary was planned, researched, recorded and edited by the Soundbite Media team – Louise Chandler and Robert Kelly.

Louise found the contributors, sourced filming location, conducted interviews and directed the documentary.
Robert filmed and edited the documentary and also contributed creative treatments.

The documentary complemented a display at Reading Museum and the final film was premiered at the Reading Concert Hall with additional screenings around Reading.

The documentary is now available on DVD and there are also preliminary plans for the film to be used in schools for local history educational purposes.

Documentary: Remember the Time

Slough is a Berkshire town with a diverse West Indian community representing Anguilla, Jamaica, St Kitts and Barbados to name a few of the islands.

Slough West Indian People’s Enterprise commissioned Soundbite Media to create a documentary about the Caribbean community in Slough.

13 contributors shared their observations, feelings and precious stories about arriving in Slough for the first time in the 1960s and the contributions they made to the community.

The film was a part of a heritage project that comprised interviews and location filming with the Soundbite Media team – Louise Chandler and Robert Kelly

Louise was the producer, responsible for sourcing contributors, filming locations and conducting interviews.
Robert Kelly was responsible for filming and editing the film DVD authoring, poster designs and overseeing the book publication

The final film was premiered at a large event with an audience of 150 people and DVDs were given away as mementos.

Promotional Video: Show Up

In a digital age we all access bank details, documents and data every day and there is a necessity for this information to be secure and private. 

ShowUp is a new facial recognition app that allows users to access secure information based on taking a selfie that is validated by crowdsourcing.

The client wanted to make people think “that’s a business that’s doing something very clever” to attract investors, banks & retailers and consumers”.

The aim of the promotional video: The Tech PR agency Berkeley Global commissioned Soundbite Media to “create a great video which is engaging, dramatic and tells a story”.

Louise from Soundbite Media was the director in creating a BBC reportage style video with the correct style and tone.

Key tasks included:

  • Script and storyboard the video
  • Source filming locations and suitable props
  • Find a relevant and engaging presenter, a vital requirement

The video was placed on to the home page of the ShowUp website to showcase it and the video has been used to capture the attention of numerous investors and banks.

Watch the final video here:

BBC TV: Inside Out South

TV credits for BBC Inside South include Street Pastors, Debt Doctor, Twinings and Literacy stories.

The role as Presenter, researcher and assistant producer included:

  • On location filming course with BBC academy
  • Create the shot list
  • Recce of filming locations
  • Interviews
  • Storyboarding
  • Wrting to pictures and script
  • Booking and sourcing equipment
  • Choosing and sourcing props
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Risk assessments
  • Research stories / news items and topics. Decide on key questions, find the interviewees and case studies / contributors
  • Create call sheet for filming with crew
  • Create shooting script with the outline of shots required and the angle of the story written including pieces to camera
  • Cutting script with timings from the rushes
  • Dubbing the narrative voice 

Training & Mentoring Projects

The Prince's Trust Social Media / radio course

The Prince's Trust commissioned Soundbite Media to devise, plan and run a 'Get into Radio' training course to equip young people who had learning difficulties to gain practical and transferable skills.

During the 5 day course, 16-24 year old participants were taught about radio presentation, production, scripting and editing.

The participants decided to record content based on their passions and interests to make ‘Motivated Radio’ –an audio programme.

Future Foundations with the National Citizen Service

Soundbite Media was hired to plan, devise and deliver sessions with the National Citizenship Service (NCS) in partnership with Future Foundations.
The NSC programme aims to encourage people to launch and execute community action projects.

Working with 60 people, Soundbite Media was able to give insightful and practical knowledge that would enable the participants to promote their projects successfully using radio, social media and on line articles.

Roundhouse Radio

Soundbite Media has developed a positive and successful relationship with the popular Roundhouse venue in London.

Through tutor and mentoring work, young people created podcast content during a few short sessions or 10 week courses.

The training included: 

Digital Editing, news and interviewing, creating Vox Pops, presenting techniques, writing scripts and studio producing.

It's great to be recognised with these nominations