The power of video

A person holding a mobile filming and recording a scene

We have been in love with moving pictures since 1889 when the first experimental Kinetoscope motion film was made. The movies, films, pictures, the flicks. Video is and always will be an engaging way to capture the attention of the public. But videos are no longer destined to be something on the big screen that… Continue reading


Four Ideas to motivate you while working remotely

Whether you’ve worked in PR for 10 months or 10 years – it’s always good to take some time to refresh your skills and focus on your professional development. During these times of restrictions, it can feel like Groundhog Day. it’s been almost a year since we sat in an office with our colleagues so… Continue reading


Your COVID-19 communications checklist

Lady wears a face mask and holds her mobile phone to her face

The life we live nowadays means things change frequently due to national lockdown restrictions and new rules. For example, when a new tier is announced for your area – what do you tell your customers and audience? From customer complaints, entice and sell, kindness matters and more – here is a quick checklist for what… Continue reading


PIC your business communications this year!

2020 was quite a year to say the least. I won’t give a recap but it’s safe to say that it tested our resolve, patience and challenged us like no other year. Overnight your business was thrown into confusion due to corona chaos. You scratched your head to know what to do next to keep… Continue reading