Blogging – the key to being an expert


Blogs are becoming more visible on websites for business, events and even for celebrities / personalities but why?

Well, firstly let’s start with the basics – what is a blog

Dictionaries will tell you – a blog is:


a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.


Now, why blogs have become an important communication tool.


At Soundbite Media we think that blogs build reputations to be seen as an expert. Writing an article will demonstrate what you know and what is going on because it offers you the change to share pearls of wisdom.


We believe that a blog should sit within your website and not as a separate space. When your blog is an option in you website, you can navigate the user to other pages within your website and you keep the user in your ‘world’.


We think there are some other things to consider, before you blog:


Be consistent with your blog – plan:

Writing insightful and interesting content is great but don’t get bored and leave it there. Make a plan to decide the types of blog stories you want to share and decide how often you want to write the articles.

Be realistic – if you’re busy, writing daily may stretch your resources and result in the blog being last on your to do list. Decide if you want to write once a week or twice a month.

Do what is right for you, your audience and the content but get in to a rhythm and stick to it so your audience will always know when to expect the next article.


Make your blog visually appealing – text is not enough:

According to Social Media today, content with images gets 94% more views than content without!


Take some photos, do some basic animation, drawings- anything that will please the eye of the reader.


Build a bigger audience with visual aids to make the reader stay with your blog article:

  • Images are a way to enhance your storytelling and information sharing
  • They also help in breaking up your content into blocks that become more readable to the tired eyes and distracted brains of your readers.
  • Images make your post more shareable and also translate your post for social media platforms like Pinterest and Twitter
  • If your story is statistical – include an image that highlights numbers, graphs or simple statistics. If your article is a commentary on a topic – include illustrations.

Remember to consider who owns the images that you use from websites– check the rights of usage and where they can be used (for example commercial use or not).


Have something to say:

What can you say in your blog? Well, whatever you like (within reason of course).

Think of you and what you do. What do you want to tell people? Do you want the blog to be informational? Topical? Entertainment? Brainstorm some ideas to decide and plan the blog before you share your articles with the wider world.


Tell people you have a blog:

It sounds obvious but a blog can only have value is people read it so tell people that it exists so they can read it, learn from it and share it with their colleagues and friends.

Share the blog link via social media, include it in your email signature or verbally tell your peers that you have a new article and share the website link aka URL.

You’ve spent time writing the article so why not share it


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