6 easy ways to use media interviews to promote you

TV Interview


Soundbite Media is all about working with you to communicate your messages about your business, project or event.


When you do fantastic work – tell everyone so you can be known as the best!


Sometimes you need a bit of help getting your message out there. An opportunity may come your way to do an interview with radio or TV – allow us to share our expertise with some helpful tips.


Firstly, why should you do an interview?


  • It can be a great opportunity to showcase yourself as an expert in your field.
  • An interview allows you to be the voice of your brand with personality.
  • You can also use the interview opportunity and tell your colleagues, peers and industry associates that you can be heard or seen contributing to a programme – basically, it’s a great PR tool.


So, next step – you have agreed to be interviewed by a TV or radio programme.

You’re a bit nervous and you’re not sure what to do and what to say.

Here is our guide to get you through the interview in 6 steps:


1)      Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer what will be covered in the interview – ask for subject or topic areas that will come up as part of the discussion.


2)      Prepare yourself for basic questions: Who is this story affecting? What are the main issues? Where is the story located? When will the story be relevant? How can people find out more?.


3)      Voice delivery – speak at a comfortable pace and pronounce your words properly. If you mumble or speak quickly, the listener will miss your comments.


4)      Body language & emotion in your voice is important – smile if you want to sound happy or frown if you want to sound serious. Trust me- it makes a big different in your voice and how you engage with people.


5)      Be succinct with your answers – don’t waffle. Think about the key important message(s) in advance and the information you want to share, for example what is the best way to explain complex theories?


6)      Listen to what the interviewer is saying – it could really help you to answer the question. Remember – being interviewed is a chance to show your expertise so enjoy the experience.


We hope you have found these tips useful. Have you been involved in a media interview recently?
How did it go….? Let us know via Twitter and @Soundbite_media