4 Free Easy Ways to PR Power!

PR activity is all about making you look good in order to gain exposure to audiences so  you can spread news, stories and information.


It sounds like an easy task but it can be difficult to know where to start and what to do to for the best to make the most of your time and resources.


As a PR Media Communications Specialist I have some ideas for apps or software you can use for FREE to help you with your PR activities:


Be a show off with Canva

Creativity brings ideas to life and I love experimenting with new platforms and software.

The graphic design website Canva is my go to resource to create marketing materials such as email newsletters, leaflets and more so take a look and have a play around with text, images and colours.

This free platform allows you to bring flair and creativity to templates but you will need to pay for additional images (but it is very cheap). Explore Canva and give it a try!



Read all about it with Mailchimp

If you have a database of email addresses, seek permission from individuals to send them an email newsletter.

Mailchimp makes it easy because you can build a newsletter that announces news, special offers and announcements with the option of adding videos, text, images or button links to purchase an item or service and much more.

This software gives you flexibility and the ability to measure the success of your email newsletter  campaign to see if subscribers clicked on certain options. The main platform is free with the option to opt in and purchase additional services. Click here to try Mailchimp and all it has to offer.

(Remember you have to seek permission from the person to use their email address for email marketing purposes. Start researching the new General Data Protection regulations that will start from May 2018).


Create motion visuals with Ripl

When you have a special offer – what is the best way to tell people?

Use a mini animated video to tell your customers what is going on and Ripl is handy tool! Add images, text, logos and more and the end result is a animated video with motion visuals that move. You can then share this video via social media and it will create an impact.

With ready to go templates and layouts you are a few clicks away from creating a special message about a service and product.

Ripl gives you  pre made themes such as a ‘Flyer’ or ‘Blog Alert’  message option.  There are free options but in order to have a full range of templates, you will have to pay. Take a look for yourself!



Speak up with SoundCloud

If you prefer to share your story with sound – Soundcloud is the tool for you.

If you choose to record interviews, podcasts and explainer audio you can create a dedicated channel and categorise your work so other listeners find it easy to listen to your work.

When you create a Soundcloud account, you can embed the audio in your website so your work can be shared and heard. Get listening and explore now.


Have you tried to using any of these handy tools or perhaps you have other suggestions for media tools that help our PR activities?



Soundbite Media is run by Louise Chandler – a Media PR communications Specialist with over 17 years experience in the industry.

As a media practitioner Louise works with clients to clarify their key messages and put together engaging and creative media campaigns.

Click here to find out more about Louise and email for more information Louise@Soundbitemedia.co.uk