3 Content Ideas for an Email Newsletter

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You have done fantastic work -something to be proud of!

Now you want to promote your products and services to the market and enhance your brand and competitive position.


Have you tried using an email newsletter?


If you have a list of clients and customers – you can ask their permission to see if they wish to receive a message via an email account.


At Soundbite Media we think that email newsletters are a unique marketing and PR tool because they also possess the option to give information that cannot be found anywhere else – therefore establishing an exclusive community.


Here are some ideas on what to include in your new email newsletter:


  • Share Positive press about your business -remind the reader who you are, what is the service or product you provide and why you’re the best in your industry.


  • Show yourself to be an expert – maybe comment on a topical subject to show you know what you’re talking about and demonstrate your expertise and knowledge which will impress the reader.


  • Give the reader an action. Perhaps you want the reader to visit your website, pop in to your shop or to ask you a question. Leave the reader wanting to know more and give them the contract options to get in touch.


We offer an email newsletter campaign service to plan, create and deliver your content.

Let’s discuss some ideas, questions and devise an email newsletter strategy for you – contact us via: team@soundbitemedia.co.uk